Ken Berwitz

If President Obama were a Republican Governor and he could be accused of closing a couple of bridge lanes, you\’d know about it.

But as President, the fact that he force-fed a health care system on us which involves about one-sixths of our entire economy, and it is failing big-time?  Strictly back-page news.

Excerpted from Richard Pollock\’s article at dailycaller.com:

Members of the HouseCommittee on Oversight and Government Reform want to know why half of the 23Obamacare health insurance co-ops have failed, and they are demanding documentsfrom the Obama administration that may offer answers.

An estimated 800,000Americans are scrambling to find new health insurance coverage as a result ofthe collapses. It will cost federal taxpayers at least $1.2 billion. PresidentBarack Obama spent $2.4 billion overall to establish the co-ops, which areintended to provide publicly-funded competition for private sector healthinsurers.

Chaffetz addressedAndy Slavitt, the acting CMS administrator who Obama nominated to serve as itspermanent top official.

In his letter toSlavitt, Chaffetz writes, “With 2016 premiums rising by double digits insome states, and more difficulties predicted both for the Exchanges and co-ops,it is critical that Congress assess CMS\’ plans to protect consumers andsafeguard billions in taxpayer dollars.”

But in only two yearsof operation, half of them face financial insolvency, low enrollment andhigher-than-expected medical expenses. Many co-ops quickly ran into the red asthey tried to offer below market rates that failed to generate sufficientrevenue to cover promised benefits.

Iowa’s Co-OpportunityHealth, one of the first co-ops to fail this year, paid out $1.40 in medicalcosts for every dollar it took in as premiums.

Would I be wrong to think that this is major news?  

I ask, because the fact that ObamaCare has been in such grave condition is not new. What you just read is just the latest news about it. I have blogged about the failure of these co-ops for at least a month.

But in that time we have heard more about Charlie Sheen\’s sexual habits and Adele\’s new album than we have heard about the failure of ObamaCare – which, as I have pointed out so many times over the years, virtually every national poll shows that this country has never wanted.

Which – as it almost always does – brings us to media culpability.

Most mainstream media were supportive of ObamaCare.  The warnings about its problems were often treated as crank complaints by mouth-breathing right wingers.    

So now, as much of what was warned about comes to pass, what are they supposed to do?  Admit that its inherent problems were more than just some right wing fantasy?  Admit that the polls show far, opposition to ObamaCare is far more widespread than they assumed?  Admit that it has generated half the subscriptions that were promised?  Admit, in general terms, that there really were two sides to this story?

Yeah, right.

What has happened is that, instead of serious reporting about a huge problem with a huge program that eats a huge percentage of our resources….we get next to nothing.  

If you want to know about Charlie Sheen and Adele, read the papers and watch the news.  If you want to know about ObamaCare, head for alternative media.  Because that\’s pretty much the only place you\’re going to find real coverage of it.

Tell you what, guys:  if you\’re not going to report the facts about this unworkable monstrosity, can you at least stop calling it the “Affordable Care Act”?

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