Does the name Joe Pientka ring a bell?  Probably not – because our wonderful “neutral” media have all but ignored him.

Here, excerpted from Sara Carter’s latest article, is why you should know his name – and why he should have been handed a subpoena to testify a long time ago:

FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka, if subpoenaed, will provide testimony regarding the circumstances surrounding his interview with former National Security Advisor Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, sources with knowledge have been telling this reporter for more than a year…

For nearly a year, I have reported that Pientka, who at the time I addressed as the second agent in the interview with Flynn, would testify if subpoenaed. But so far Pientka, has not been subpoenaed for his testimony. Pientka and embattled FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, interviewed Flynn on Jan. 24, 2017 about his conversation with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, as first reported here.

It’s this reporters understanding that Pientka will account for what Flynn said in the interview and will give context to the FBI’s accusation that he lied during the interview.  If asked, Pientka will also give his personal opinion as to whether or not that was actually the case.

What’s this?

There were two FBI agents who interviewed Michael Flynn, and we’ve only heard from one of them?

And the one we’ve heard from – the one whose assessment of Flynn’s testimony may have resulted in his demise with the Trump administration and his life savings being lost in legal fees (until he finally caved in and “admitted” to one lie) is peter strzok?

Isn’t peter strzok the disgraced, demoted, overtly Trump-hating Hillary supporter, whose text messages with his married lover, FBI lawyer lisa page, made clear their intent to take the Trump administration down?

Why has Joe Pientka not been subpoenaed?

It is over a year since Michael Flynn was destroyed.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an evaluation of his testimony from the agent who has not, to our knowledge, shown an avid interest in taking down members of Trump’s team?  Is that asking too much?

Let’s hear what Agent Pientka has to say – whether it supports or disputes the strzok evaluation, and why.  The sooner the better.

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