Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel” has been out for a month now.  In the first few days, when it was showing in 4 well-selected theaters, it played to packed houses. When it expanded to 180 theaters, the numbers dropped like a rock.  And now, in over 500 theaters – still only a small fraction of the 3,000+ theaters a hit movie would be distributed to – it is playing to virtually no one.

The entire gross in its month of release?  Slightly over $3,000,000.


Film critic Christian Toto, writing for newsbusters.org, cites seven reasons.  You can see them all by clicking here.  But I’ll show you just one:

A-List Fatigue: The minds behind An Inconvenient Sequel coaxed a number of major rock stars, including Paul McCartney and Bono, to cut a video promoting the new film shortly after its release. The clip apparently had little or no effect on the overall ticket sales. Americans just endured a flotilla of superstars telling them how to vote last November. Those star-stuck appeals don’t work like they used to.

Look, there’s no reason to worry about Al Gore.  He has become fabulously wealthy by touting Climate Change or Global Warming (check today’s temperature to see which he’s calling it right now) – enough so that he can live in a home which uses, it is estimated, 34 times the energy of an average one and fly on private planes, ride in private limousines and basically despoil the environment to his heart’s content.

But, beyond Gore, there is a political message here. One the Democrat Party, which has hitched its wagon to the Gore position on climate change, should take notice of.

While the words “climate change” once were enough to stop people in their tracks, the fact that so many dire predictions about it have not come to pass (We still have polar icecaps?  No kidding, you don’t say) has, I suspect, caused a great many people to become more than a little skeptical.

Is this what Democrats will be selling next year, along with doing little or nothing to prevent the flow of illegals into the country and demanding that no one be ID’ed before they vote?


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  • A lot of people still believe in g.w., agw, c.c. or whatever they are calling it today. I don’t watch a lot of TV but they work into TV shows, movies, schools and anywhere else they can.
    It is never going away. Here in California we are paying a high premium on everything because of that *scam.
    More proof as I pointed out in the last blog that the left is in control, whether we like it, agree with it or not.

    *If it was legitimate they wouldn’t have changed past data in order to write reports for the government that showed the results they wanted.
    This scam has cost the taxpayers a huge amount of money.

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