The Democrat Party has managed to lose something like 1,000 federal and state office holders over the past eight years, taking it from 60% majorities to minorities in both houses of congress, and losing almost half its state Governors (from 29 to 15).

How did this happen? In no small part, by ignoring basic issues such as jobs, secure borders and religious freedom while playing “identity politics”; i.e. dividing us by race and gender.

Has the party learned anything from this ongoing debacle?

Here’s your answer, via the following excerpts from Alex Pfeiffer’s article at

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee labeled two former White House aides and one current aide as “white nationalists” in a tweet Saturday.

There is no evidence that former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, former national security aide Seb Gorka, or current senior policy adviser Stephen Miller want to establish a nation solely for white people, but the Democrats went ahead with the charge.

“Two white nationalists down. One to go. We can do this,” the DCCC tweeted along with a photo of the aides.

They’ve called President Trump a racist, anti-Semite and even a nazi sympathizer.  They’ve done the same with Steve Bannon.  Now we get Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller into the same barrel?  Is there anyone in this administration Democrats do not accuse of being racists/anti-semites/who knows what else?

This will no doubt thrill the hardline left Democrat base – a base which, more and more, is taking over the party.  “Antifa” thugs and blacklivesmatter haters – those nice folks who marched in favor of dead cops – will be thrilled.

The problem?  How many votes have Democrats secured by thrilling these people?  How many Republican “antifa” and blacklivesmatter voters will switch parties?  (Let me know when you stop laughing).

But what about voters who are worried about their jobs, the tidal wave of illegal aliens who Democrats want to hand driver’s licenses and full taxpayer-supported social services to, their children being indoctrinated in today’s looney-bin college atmosphere, etc. ?

These are the people who actually choose between parties.  Do you think Democrats are speaking to them?  Do Democrats think Democrats are speaking to them?

As the saying goes, there are none so blind as those who will not see.  And if the Democrat idea is to continue down the same path that put the party in its current mess – this path –  it is not seeing a thing.

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  • The democrats have proven they don’t need to win elections to control this country. They have the power through just about every public institution. Then they use those institutions to shut down anything they don’t like. What else can possibly explain what is happening in the country.
    It is so woven into society that I have a little project for you. Go to and type in the search “American inventors” without the quotation marks. Then check out the banner of photos across the top of the page.
    Then answer this question, is that really a representation of American inventors or a politically correct biased presentation?
    Obviously the google exercise is nothing compared to what they are doing in the movies, on TV, in the schools, courts, and government bureaucracies.
    I am afraid we have reached peak Freedom and Democracy in our country and now the Liberty we have taken for granted is being replaced by a slow walk to socialism/communism using corruption and in some instances fascist un-American tactics.

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