The world is on fire.

Islamic jihadists are killing innocent people – Muslim and non-Muslim both – around the world.

Our economy is over 20 trillion dollars in debt

Our borders are virtually non-existent.

Our current healthcare system is an unworkable monstrosity

Our colleges and universities have become cauldrons of hatred by race, gender and political affiliation.

So what did 25 Democrat house members – from the safest of safe Democrat districts, of course –  do with their time this week?

Why, sponsor a mindless, meaningless, bill to create a panel that would remove the President of the United States based on mental incapacity, that’s what…

… a panel which, to give them their desired result, would require Vice President Mike Pence to sign on.

This past week, the house passed two major pieces of legislation; one,”Kate’s Law”, would increase the penalties for illegal aliens who were deported, then come back and commit crimes.  The other would punish “sanctuary cities” which contravene federal laws related to illegal aliens.

Fewer house Democrats voted in favor of these two laws, than house Democrats who are supporting this mindless, entirely for-show “dump Trump” bill.

Since Donald Trump was elected President – along with Republican majorities in the house, the senate, the governorships and the statehouses, I have pointed out numerous times that Democrats’ greatest enemies are their own people – the ones in safe districts who can be as looney-left as they care to and will win re-election anyway.

The fact that more Democrat house members are supporting this idiotic, intentionally insulting proposal, than there were supporting Kate’s Law legislation aimed at illegal aliens who perform criminal acts while here, is another demonstration of what I am talking about.

Yeah, it no doubt thrills their hard-left base.  But what does it say to everyone else?  What does it say to swing voters who are not committed to one party or the other?  Which way do you think it moves them?

I’ll say this much about the 25 house members involved:  they do seem to have a point about there being mental incapacity here.

They just have the wrong side.

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