Hillary Clinton-supporting Democrats, caught flat-footed by James Comey’s re-energized investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, are screaming foul.  Comey is a Republican viper (he once was a Republican, not any more), he violated the Hatch Act (lots of luck with that one), he this, he that and he the other thing.

In short, they are outraged.

Were they outraged when Comey sat in front of the House Oversight Committee, acknowedged that Hillary Clinton lied repeatedly about the emails, accused her of being “extremely careless” with classified information…and then did not recommend the indictment that anyone else would have gotten in two seconds flat?

Were they outraged that Hillary Clinton went on national TV and told us Comey said she spoke only the truth, when the fact is he acknowledged that she told lie after lie after lie?

Were they outraged that the classified information Hillary Clinton said was not there, was there?  On a personal server that could be hacked by a computer-talented high school kid, let alone the intelligence agencies of countries around the world?

If they want to be outraged, that’s where the real outrage should be.

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