Last week at this time, we were marveling at the ABC News – Washington Post poll, which showed Hillary Clinton blossoming to a seemingly insurmountable 12% lead, 50% to 38%.  Adding in the strength Ms. Clinton showed in individual swing states, the election was all but settled.

Except, as that great deepthinker Yogi Berra wisely advised us, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over”.

Now, a week later, that same poll is showing Hillary Clinton leading by a statistically non-existent 1%:  46% to 45%.  And given the fact that this poll is being conducted with a 10% advantage in Democrat representation (37% Democrats, 27% Republicans), there is an excellent argument that, in reality, it shows Donald Trump flat-out ahead.

Add in the newly released polls showing Trump ahead in key battleground states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and even New Hampshire, and you don’t just have a Trump possibility, you have a Hillary-in panic-mode situation.

Will something happen, maybe new information being leaked, to turn this back around in Hillary Clinton’s favor?  No one knows…and I wouldn’t bet on or against anything in this insane election.

But, as I’ve said before, anyone who thinks this race is over is living in beautiful, downtown Fantasyland.

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