What do we lose if we lose Israel?

Here\’s a bit of insight, excerpted from Daniel Koren\’s article at shalomlife.com:

We\’veseen a smorgasbord of breakthrough Israeli innovations over the pastfew years, as Startup Nation continues to rule the hightech industry,not to mention the science, health, and medicinal marijuanaindustries.

Lastyear, wereported on the NaNose breathalyzer, a technology developed bythe Technion\’s Professor Hossam Haick, that could sniff out lungcancer before it spreads. Now, developers are looking to install thefunction into a mobile phone, dubbed, appropriately, the SniffPhone.

TheSniffPhone, backed with tiny smell-sensitive sensors and the NaNosetechnology, will actually be able to “smell” users\’ breathand determine if they have cancer, or other serious diseases.

Accordingto Haick, the SniffPhone will be a huge breakthrough in the medicalindustry, and will be of much use to doctors looking for the presenceof tumors, whether benign or malignant, in a faster, more efficientway.

For those folks who despise Israel and demand their countries engage in “BDS” – Boycott, Sanction Divestiture….

…don\’t forget to boycott this.  And be sure to tell your likeminded friends the same.

Have a nice day.

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