It reads like the “Car 54, Where Are You” theme song.  There\’s a crisis in the Ukraine, a Malaysian flight that has disappeared, ObamaCare is sinking like the Titanic, the Middle East is on the verge of going up in flames…..Venezuela, where are youuuuu?

Well, here, courtesy of a few links compiled at, is where Venezuela is right now:

Venezuela In Turmoil For Lack Of Flour, Milk And Diapers…

Inflation rate reaching 57%…

Air Canada Halts Flights…

When Haitian dictator francois “Papa Doc” duvalier died in 1971, he was succeeded by his loser son, jean-claude “Baby Doc” duvalier.  It took the hopelessly impoverished Haitian people 15 years to depose him.

Last March, when Venezuela elected-President-turned-dictator hugo chavez died, his protege, Vice President nicolas “Baby Huey” maduro succeeded him – and then, in September, maduro won in a close, almost certainly bogus election.

Now, one year later, with shortages of everything (far more than what is listed in the first link), inflation stifling any hope of improvement, and a major air carrier no longer flying there because the level of civil unrest is making it too dangerous to do so, it is an excellent bet that maduro\’s days are numbered.

With all the other news out there, however, the fact that Venezuela\’s situation is reaching critical mass has largely been lost in the shuffle.

But not here.

How much longer can maduro survive?  Not much, I think.

And what does this mean for Cuba, which Venezuela has spent years propping up (read that first link and see for yourself)?

Stay tuned….

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