As any regular reader knows, I frequently reference the political tone-deafness of Republicans.  As for Democrats?  Though it is considerably less typical of them it happens on that side of the aisle as well.

Which brings us straight to the Veterans Affairs (VA) scandal.

On May 12, I awarded Chuck Todd “Quote Of The Day” honors for advising Republicans that the VA scandal was likely to be more dangerous to Democrats than Republicans.  My exact words”

Whatgreat advice. I\’ll just bet that RNC Chair Reince Priebus isdeveloping strategy to exploit the opening identified by Mr Todd evenas we speak.


…maybeMr. Priebus and other Republican strategists realize that if they goafter Obama on the VA issue, it immediately will be pointed out bythe supposedly devastated Democrats that outrages such as these havedogged the VA since well before Barack Obama tookoffice, including during the Bush administration – which wouldat the very least neutralize the issue, and possibly even putRepublicans on the defensive instead. 

Then,if Republicans tried to go back to Benghazi as their main focus,Democrats would be able to say “See?  It\’s all political. They jumped to the VA and when that didn\’t work they jumped back tothis.  These people are shameless opportunists”, and itwould actually have a great deal of credence.

But then, on May 17th, after President Obama went into his patented “I didn\’t know, so I\’ll have to look into that while I do nothing” routine – one which, when coupled with an Accomplice Media, has served him so well over his five-plus years as President – I wrote this:

Inan earlier blog, I pointed out that VA problems go back well beforethe Obama administration, and therefore it would be unfair to blamethis administration for the overall condition of the system.

Butif things have gotten this bad during the Obama administration,if they have degenerated this far, and President Obama leavesthe head guy in place anyway,that just might be a different story.

IfEric Shinseki is “mad as hell”, let him vent his angersomewhere else.  It is a disgrace that he has not already beenremoved as Secretary of Veterans Affairs……and that disgrace growsevery day he remains.

Well, guess what:  Obama has left the head guy in place anyway.  And, yes, it is now a different story.

It is so different that even a growing number of both Democrat officeholders (scared excrementless over losing their jobs) and members of the usually-compliant Accomplice Media (NBC\’s Today Show this morning is a good example) are talking about it.

What a blunder by Barack Obama. Has he lost his political touch – the one thing he seems adept at? Or is it that he is so used to his fellow Democrats and media pals covering for him that he just didn\’t think this could happen?

Either way, VA-gate (am I the first one to call it that) is in the process of blowing sky-high….and just in time for the midterm election campaigns.

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