Today\’s quote comes to us from the iconic TV host – whose career in this medium was preceded by 22 years in the United States military (Marines and Navy) – Montel Williams.

Mr. Williams takes great exception to the treatment Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals are giving — or, more exactly, not giving — our military veterans and the lack of Presidential leadership on this issue…along with some very justifiable chastising of the rest of us for seeing Memorial day more as party time than remembrance time.

Here are a few of his more salient points (but click here to see the entire interview – I assure you it is well worth your time):

“…ourguys went over, they\’ve left body parts, some of them never made itback, some of them are here now but their souls are still there, andwe have the audacity to turn our back on them right this second.

“Thepresident just promised five billion dollars for terrorists aroundthe world at West Point?! Where he could have used the day to say,\’I\’m sorry for the pain that I\’ve caused you, the families, andI\’m gonna fix it today!\'”

“Be as tired as you want, but that barbecue you had on Sunday was paid for on thebacks of soldiers who left body parts in the battlefield. So you haveno right to forget!”

Montel Williams garners Quote Of The Day honors for saying, plainly and with no punches pulled, a lot of what needed to be said.  Thank you, Mr. Williams…..and please, please, keep that voice loud and strong.

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