Did you notice that, during Monday night’s debate, Donald Trump sounded like he had nasal congestion or some kind of wheezing fit?

Trump claimed that it was not him at all, the mic was defective.

Well, guess what:  we now have this terse statement from the debate commission:


Sep 30, 2016

Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall.

How interesting.

Was this a setup?  Was it done on purpose?

Normally I would be no more than mildly suspicous.  But after Lester Holt’s disgraceful performance, and the video showing how Ms. Clinton was, quite possibly, signalling him to stay on subjects so she could get in her best scripted lines?  I wouldn’t bet a penny against it.

What really happened with that microphone?  You decide.

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