I’m not one for conspiracy theories. Especially political ones.  Almost always, they are half-baked, ridiculous stretches of a partisan imagination.

But I am asking you to watch two videos currently on the internet, which were taken on debate night:  one when the two candidates came on stage and one taken during the debate.  Please watch them both and see what you think.

The first – shot from two different angles, can be seen by clicking here (I am having trouble posting it, so I have to use the link)…

And the second, which I pulled from thegatewaypundit.com (but was posted by conservative blogger Mike Cernovich) is here:


Do you ever recall Hillary Clinton doing that “scratch scratch” motion even once in a previous debate?  Well, here she is doing it a number of times, apparently after Trump says something she has a snappy, rehearsed retort for, and it seems that, each time, moderator Lester Holt makes sure the topic stays where it is, or brings it back as soon as possible, so she can respond.

Was this a rigged event?

I don’t know.  I don’t know if this proves a thing.

But if I were Donald Trump, I’d be demanding to know who the guy in the first video was, what he took from Hillary Clinton’s podium, and whether he passed it to Holt when he walked up to him seconds later….and I would be putting the second video tape on my website and telling the voters about it every day, so that mainstream media would have to report about it.

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  • Too bad the 1st video doesn’t show him handing the folder to Holt. You can bet no one on team Clinton will admit to anything.

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