Here, from the invaluable, are three links that, it seems to me, would be of interest to the “antifa” and blacklivesmatter crowd:

-Dems;Club Where Clinton Golfed Retains Ways of Old South [Member of Whites Only Club] (NY Times article from 1992)

-As Governor, Bill Clinton Kept ‘Confederate’ Star On The Arkansas Flag

-Nancy Pelosi’s father helped dedicate Confederate monument 

Does this mean “antifa” and blacklivesmatter will be mounting protests against the Clintons?  Nancy Pelosi?  Democrats in general?

Will they be calling them White supremacists?  Maybe even nazi-sympathizers?

How about the Democrats who have accused Donald Trump’s father of being a member of the ku klux klan because, 100 years ago (that’s not a typo, the year was 1927), as a 21 year old, he was arrested at a klan march in Queens, New York?

In Fred Trump’s case, no charges were filed.  He was just released, and we have no idea of why he was there.  He might have been just a bystander swept up in a series of arrests (there were 7 arrested), or even arrested for protesting the march too vigorously.

But Hillary Clinton’s husband, less than 30 years ago, kept that confederate symbol on the Arkansas flag through five terms in office.  And Hillary Clinton was his wife every day of those five terms.

So the Democrats nailing Trump should be 10 times as hot and heavy against Hillary, right?  And the “antifa”/blacklivesmatter crowd should be ready to pounce.  Out in force to “protest” her public appearances just as violently as they have for Donald Trump, right?  And the same for Nancy Pelosi, right?

Uh……do yourself a favor:  don’t bet the house and car on any of that happening.

All I ask is that you think about why it won’t.

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