I believe in freedom of thought and freedom of speech.  I therefore believe people have every right to speak out about their demands to boycott, divest and sanction when it comes to Israel.

But I also believe it is worth knowing what emanates from Israel that would be boyotted, divested (i.e. unfunded) and subject to those sanctions.

Here is another in the series of advances which emanate from Israel, for BDS crowd to clamp down on  this one taken from a list compiled by, which you can see in its entirety by clicking here:

 Unparalleled crop protection

Two years ago, Hebrew University’s tech-transfer company teamed with Makhteshim Agan, a world leader in crop protection products, to develop and commercialize slow-release herbicides and a targeted insecticide that doesn’t harm beneficial insects.

The total worldwide herbicide market is valued at more than $15 billion, of which approximately a quarter is dedicated to soil-applied herbicides and other pesticides. The Israeli approach incorporates herbicides into micelles or vesicles, which are absorbed onto negatively charged clay minerals to enable a slow and controlled release, reducing leaching to deeper soil layers.  This enhances efficiency and reduces the required doses.

The novel insecticide kills caterpillars of night-flying moths – a common scourge for farmers worldwide – but unlike common commercial preparations, has minimal or no effect on any other creature. High levels of control can be achieved with much less product, greatly  minimizing environmental impact.

To the people committed to BDS:  do you care about world hunger?  Would you find it beneficial to maximize crop yields, with minimum impact on the environment?

Well, good luck in finding a way to do that.  Because, since this technique was developed in Israel, you won’t be using it.

And be sure to tell all your friends as well.  We wouldn’t want them to receive the benefits of technology developed at (gasp!!) Hebrew University, would we?

Hey, a boycott is a boycott.

To be continued…

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  • In the NFL it is ok to kneel in order to protest.
    But if you kneel to pray it is against the rules.
    Something is terribly wrong about that.

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