I talk a lot about the unbroken string of foreign policy disasters we have had under President Barack Obama – and the fact that his Accomplice Media have done so little reporting on how quickly our power and reach has diminished while the danger level to our country has grown.

John Hinderaker, at has done the same, and his latest blog is excellent.   I thought you might want, maybe need, to see for yourself.  So here are key excerpts (you can, and should, read the complete blog by clicking here):

Itwould be hard to overstate how poorly things are going for the UnitedStates around the world. Iran moves steadily toward acquiring nuclearweapons, with the apparent approval of the Obama administration.Iraq, once hailed as one of the Obama administration\’s greatestsuccesses by Joe Biden, is now largely occupied by ISIS. The carnagein Syria continues. The government of Yemen, a key ally in the waragainst Islamic terror, has fallen. In Nigeria, Boko Haram slaughtersthousands and now controls much of Africa\’s richest country.

AndRussia continues to chip away at Ukraine…

Ifany of this is of concern to the Obama administration, it is notevident…While he almost never submits to questions from actual journalists(even friendly ones, which they pretty much all are), he did taketime to give interviews to four YouTube celebrities…

To be fair, Obama\’s fecklessness is matched by many Americans. With crises erupting around the world, what is the number one news story in the U.S.? Deflate-gate, of course. 

Itis times like this when a country needs leadership, and, whateverelse you might think about him, Barack Obama has never been accusedof being a leader.

My only disagreement with Mr. Hinderaker is his contention that “Barack Obama has never been accused of being a leader”. That is not so. Incredibly, there are people who, having lived through the six years during which John\’s enumeration occurred, still think he is.

And if you dispute them by bringing up troubling discrepancies like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, the growth of ISIS, the continued and growing strength of al-qaeda, etc. etc. etc., it is a good bet that the response will be some variation of…..”Well, you\’re just against Barack Obama because he\’s a Black man.”  Yep, that certainly covers the bases, doesn\’t it?

Two more years of this nightmare. I count the seconds.

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