Are unions going to war against Republican Governors – specifically Republican Governors who have made it easier for citizens to get work without joining a union?

That depends.

 If you think of unions as the people who belong to them – whether voluntarily or involuntarily – the answer is no.  Every study I have seen for years shows that a large plurality of union members vote Republican.  That, coupled with the large, rapid drop in union membership for states where legislation has removed laws which compelled workers to join a union as a condition of employment, and you understand that union members, as a group, are far from monolithic on this issue. 

But if you think of unions not as the workers, but as the union big-shots who sit in their corporate offices and make deals with politicians – to trade their organizing capabilities and a massive amounts of the dues from all members, regardless of their political positions, in return for legislative support to not upset the apple cart/to keep things the way they are – the answer is yes.

With that in mind, please read the following excerpt from an article written by Kyle Maichle of Wisconsin Election Watch:

Thenation\’s leading labor union will plan to spend $300 million in2014 trying to unseat Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and four otherRepublican Governors.

People\’sWorld reported that the AFL-CIO announced on Thursday morning duringa press conference in Houston that they would spend money trying tounseat Governor Walker.   Other Governors that the labororganization is targeting are John Kasich (R-Ohio), Tom Corbett(R-Pennsylvania), Rick Snyder (R-Michigan), and Rick Scott(R-Florida).

TheAmerican Federation of Teachers backed the AFL-CIO\’s plan. 

If you believe the heads of these unions (Richard Trumka and Randi Weingarten), the issue is wages and workers\’ standard of living. And, I have no doubt, both would work hard to get more for their members.

But common sense tells me that their own self-perpetuation is a  – maybe the – paramount issue…which is why they are so willing to spend so much of the money they collect from workers they profess to care about to defeat political figures who so many union members support.

Put yourself in the position of, say, a teacher dedicated to helping young people learn and grow, who a) is forced into a union in order to teach – no choice in the matter, b) is therefore forced to pay dues to the entity he/she had no choice of whether to join, and c) knows that a large portion of those dues will be used to unseat officeholders he/she supports, with out any union vote on whether dues money should be spent for that purpose.

Would you be happy about this?  Would it make you feel good about belonging to the union?

I wonder if, someday, union workers will rise up and tell the big-shots in those big offices to stop using their dues money this way.  It will take a lot of courage and a lot of guts.  But it could happen.

Why….it would be like the workers organizing and forming a union to protect themselves against corporate interests who exploit the product of their labor for personal gain.  Wouldn\’t it? 

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