Either the Ukrainian opposition was unbelievably lucky, or brilliantly tactical.

The only thing that might have stood in the way of removing its pro-Russia (read that pro-USSR) President,Viktor Yanukovych, and replacing him with a more pro-west leader was the possible intervention of Vladimir Putin (I sometimes wonder if that name was shortened, by removing “Ras” from its beginning).

But with the Olympics in full swing, and the world\’s media watching his every move – not to mention the fact that “helping out” Yanukovych would probably destroy any good will generated for Russia by these games – Putin was powerless to do a thing. 

And now, because the change of government occurred in a matter of days – a “flash revolution” if there ever was one – it is almost certainly too late.

Maybe that is why Putin looked so unhappy/angry/sullen during the closing ceremonies.  It should have been the time he showed the world great joy and ear-to-ear smiles.  Instead, he looked like a human eviction notice.

No one knows what is in store for the Ukraine.  But, at least for the moment, it has managed a huge triumph over the “good old days” when it (along with the rest of Eastern Europe) was a Soviet Socialist Republic and Putin was a KGB operative who might have been put in charge of keeping things that way.

I wish the Ukrainian people all the best.  And I wish for the Russian people to have new leadership as soon as they can get it.

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