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One question in and I\’m thisclose to watching basketball instead.

The first question asked of Republican candidates by Carl Quintanilla (paraphrased):  “What is your biggest weakness – and don\’t say things like I try too hard”

I swear that is what was asked of them.

We have economic issues.  Military issues.  Health care issues.  Immigration issues.  etc. etc. etc.  And the first thing this moron asks is for the candidates to tell us, in their own words, what\’s wrong with them.

Idiot.  Moron.  I hope one of the candidates –  I don\’t care who – reams this fool but good.

8:45 – I\’m watching the single most disgraceful “debate” I have ever seen. Three moderators, Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick and John Harwood, are not asking questions, but launching attacks.  “Here\’s what\’s wrong with you.  Discuss”, over and over again. 

If the candidates all walked off the stage, I wouldn\’t blame them a bit.

8:52 – I came back into the room where we are watching the debate, and my wife told me that Ted Cruz said virtually the same thing I told her I was going to put on this blog.  I scrolled back and, yes, that is exactly what he did – saying it even more strongly than I did.  And to absolutely huge applause.  Cruz is not my guy, but good for him.

End of debate observations, in no particular order:

-No one had an absolute disaster.  

-Several candidates helped themselves in a major way. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush in that order – led the pack in that regard.  They all made excellent points, were articulate, knowledgeable, and excellent at deriding and deflecting the stupidity of Quintanilla, Quick and Harwood\’s questions.  

-Donald Trump, who was finally given no more or less time than anyone else, was fun to listen to and watch, but his lack of having anything substantial to say/his reliance on bluster and bombast was laid out for everyone to see.  My guess is that tonight moves him substantially downward.

-Ben Carson remains what he is:  a very smart, very sincere man who has a glorious record as a pediatric neurosurgeon, but a simplistic view of what it would take to be President.  No experience, no track record, way out of his element.

-Carly Fiorina wins two competitions:  the best “I got this down-pat” answers and the most amazingly coiffed hair I\’ve ever seen on a debate stage.

-John Kasich, I think, would make a fine President.  But his over-animation, presumably to compensate for his too-laid-back approach in previous debates, made him seem insincere.  And, though it shouldn\’t mean anything, every time I looked at him I saw Jiminy Cricket with a bad haircut.

-Mike Huckabee did very well.  Good answers every time (I would not be saying this if he had been talking social issues).

-Rand Paul – Made his points, did not stumble or falter, but was not very compelling as a candidate.

Best moments of the debate:  When Rubio called mainstream media a Democrat Super Pac, when Ted Cruz pilloried Moe, Larry and Cur….er, I mean Carl, Becky and John for the stupidity and antagonism of their questions, and when Chris Christie went off on that imbecilic fantasy football question.

Summing up:  Biggest winner:  a tie between Rubio and Cruz (what a night for Cuba – but somehow I doubt fidel and raul castro are very happy about it).  Biggest loser:  Donald Trump.

More tomorrow.

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