To read most media accounts of the “caravan” from Central America, through Mexico, to the United States, you’d swear it was a bunch of scraggly, desperate, helpless people.

Well, these pictures were captured from CBS News 8 in San Diego, and the CBS Weekend News.  See if they match that description:

Does that fit any image you’ve been led to believe?

I especially like that Panama flag being waved, and (though it is admittedly blurry), the caravan member with his upraised middle finger.

Does that look like a group of needy supplicants to you, or an angry mob, waving the home flag of where they came from, not where they want to go to, and making demands as if we owe them something.

And, while we’re on the subject, yes there are a few women and children…but most “caravan” members seem to be young men.  How did that happen?

If you want to read an excellent account of who and what this bunch appears to really be, with the above pictures and a lot more both graphic and written material, please read Monica Showalter’s article at

Don’t be fooled by the “aw, let these poor indigents in” routine.  This is not at all the way most media have portrayed it.

Let me end with the point I have been making for days:  they have escaped their home countries.  They are in Mexico – which a) clearly wants no part of them, but b) is happy to facilitate them coming here illegally?

And who, besides Mexico (some friend of the USA it is), is financing this cross-country journey?

soros, anyone?

UPDATE:  As I type this, NBC is doing a feature on the “caravan”.  Every image I have seen so far, has women and children in it.  You’d think there were barely any men at all.

Make of it what you will – or should.

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