Today’s quote comes to us from one gregory salcido, who, when he is not performing as a councilperson on the Pico Rivera (CA) City Council, teaches history at its El Rancho high school.

Here, from Derek Hunter’s article at dailycaller, com, is what salcido was recorded as telling his students about the members of our military:

“We’ve got a bunch of dumbshits over there. Think about the people who you know who are over there — your freaking stupid uncle Louis or whatever, they’re dumbshits. They’re not, like, high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people, they’re the freaking lowest of our low. Not morally, I’m not saying they make bad moral decisions, they’re not talented people,.

The video, which was recorded by a student whose father and other family members are military, thus the “freaking stupid” “dumbshits” salcido was referencing, has since gone viral.

No apology yet from salcido – not that one should ever be accepted.

gregory salcido wins Quote Of The Day (dis)honors for exposing his hatred, his insensitivity, and, ironically, his own stupidity for uttering those mindless words.  And double the stupidity quotient for him exposing his hatred and insensitivity to a class of high school students.

I also award major (dis)honorable mentions to the city of Pico Rivera and to El Rancho High School for every day this hate-filled ignoramus remains a city councilperson and a high school teacher there.

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