Today’s quote comes to us from Maryland attorney Andrew Jezic.

Jezic is defending henry sanchez-milian, the 18 year old “9th grader” (how many 18 year old 9th graders have you ever heard of) who, with his 17 year old pal, raped a 14 year old girl in his class.

Attorney Jezic’s defense?  Here it is:

“This was a preplanned, consensual, non-forcible encounter. … There is evidence that will come out later I believe that this was a planned encounter with this young lady and at least one of these gentlemen”

Is it possible that this is true?  Sure.  I give it about the same chance as the possibility that the exact center of the earth is a tropical paradise:  I have never seen the exact center of the earth so I can’t say otherwise.

Anthony Jezic wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for a defense that, to me, is about as sleazy as I have ever seen; one which is sure to reinforce a great many people’s attitudes about defense attorneys.

Oh, by the way, another defense attorney, David Wooten, who represents henry sanchez milian’s pal and co-rapist, jose mantano – is now on record as blaming the “sensationalism”, the “outrage” and the “hysteria” over what he apparently sees as this trifling little incident, on “the disgusting vitriol that’s been spewed by Donald Trump ever since the beginning of his campaign”.

That’s right.  The problem isn’t two illegals, 3-4 years older than the other “children” in their classes (which they’re doing wonderfully in, I’m sure), who raped an underage girl in the school bathroom, it’s Donald Trump.

To me, this means two things:  David Wooten is a sleazebag liar….and he’s got a bright future in media.

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  • One of the attorneys was on Tucker Carlson and made it clear he plans on attacking her credibility also.

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