Today\’s quote comes to us from Mike McCurry, former press secretary to Bill Clinton, talking about how Hillary Clinton – other than Barack Obama, arguably the single most protected politician in the country – regards the press.

When asked why Ms. Clinton does not try harder to engage the press (as if she needed to for positive coverage) this, so help me, is what he actually said:

Look,she hates you. Period. That\’s never going to change.”


For its year and a half long burial of her responsibility for the Benghazi massacre alone, Hillary Clinton owes mainstream media her undying thanks. 

And that\’s before we get to her abysmal performance as a Watergate lawyer (she was let go by the Democrat chief counsel without a recommendation), Whitewater, her amazing “luck” with stock futures, her meteoric rise in the corrupt Rose law firm which – by pure coincidence I\’m sure – coincided with her husband\’s elections as Attorney General and Governor of Arkansas, her disastrous health care plan which even Democrats would not vote for and eight absolutely accomplishmentless years as a Senator….among many other things.

If Hillary Clinton hates the press for the way she has been treated, what should Condoleezza Rice, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann do?  Form an al-conservaeda cell and start attacking newsrooms?

I award Mike McCurry (by way of Hillary Clinton) Quote Of The Day honors, because, though politics makes me shake my head in amazement on a pretty regular basis, that comment caused a longer shake than just about anything else I\’ve come across this year.

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