Ken Berwitz

Today\’s quote comes to us from John King, of CNN.  And it is beautiful in its simplicity.

While talking about “retail politicians” – i.e. politicians who connected with everyday people – King said this:

…butone of the premier retail politicians in the country, somebody who knew how togo into a room, and you knew it. When Mario Cuomo was in a room, you felt it.When Bill Clinton was in a room, you felt it. When George W. Bush was in aroom, you felt it. George W. Bush was a great retail politician, whatever youthink about him.

Notice a difference there?  In Sesame Street language, “one of these things is not like the other”.

King mentioned three politicians who, in his esteem, were excellent retail politicians.  Nothing about individual issues the public might have supported or opposed, just their talent for connecting with people.  And he couldn\’t do it without singling out, and effectively putting an asterisk next to, President Bush.

Does John King think everyone liked Mario Cuomo and Bill Clinton, and everyone disliked President Bush?  

Maybe everyone in his crowd did.  But the country is not comprised of John King\’s crowd.

To illustrate, the last time Mario Cuomo ran for public office – as the incumbent Governor of New York in 1994 – he lost his election. 

How\’d George W. Bush do in his last election, Mr. King?  Do you know?  

As for Bill Clinton, popular though you may think he was, Mr. Clinton, he won the presidency in 1992 with just 43% (in a three-way race)….but in 1996\’s more conventional race, he still got just 49.2% – not even a majority. 

By contrast, Bush – who media spent four years assuring the public was a fraudulent President, in office only because of a wrongful Supreme Court decision – got almost 51% of the vote in his re-election campaign…which is less than one-half of one percent different than ultimate media-favorite Barack Obama got in 2012.

But you had to put that disparaging dig in there anyway, didn\’t you?  

I award John King Quote Of The Day honors for being the latest in a long, long line of media personalities to show how bias affects even the most inconsequential reporting.  

Way to go, John. You are the clear winner…….whatever anyone thinks about you.

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