Ken Berwitz

Today\’s quote comes to us from something called the Princeton Open Campus Coalition – which, I am certain, is a newly formed organization.

It has sent a letter in which it requests a meeting with Princeton\’s President, Christopher Eisgruber.  But instead of enumerating a list of demands, one of which is that Mr. Eisgruber resign because he is not sensitive enough to every racial or gender slight, however microcosmic (if it exists at all), the letter says this:

“This dialogue isnecessary because many students have shared with us that they are afraid tostate publicly their opinions on recent events for fear of being vilified,slandered, and subjected to hatred, either by fellow students or faculty.  Many who questioned the protest were labeled racist, and blackstudents who expressed disagreement with the protesters were called \’whitesympathizers\’ and were told they were \’not black.\’ 

“We, the Princeton OpenCampus Coalition, refuse to let our peers be intimidated or bullied intosilence on these–or any–important matters.

“We worry that theproposed distribution requirement will contribute to the politicization of theUniversity and facilitate groupthink”.

the Princeton Open Campus Coalition wins Quote Of The Day honors for reminding us that, despite the insanity currently in full operation on campuses throughout the United States, and the Academic Brownshirts enforcing that insanity without challenge, there are some people  – maybe a lot more than feel comfortable going public – who still have their heads on their shoulders instead of up their asses.

Thanks, students.  We needed that.

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