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Today\’s quote comes to us from David Gergen, currently a senior correspondent at CNN, who recently celebrated his 146rd birthday (well, actually he\’s 73:  it only seems like this guy has been around forever).

If you like all the bases covered, you\’ll love this quote, which Mr. Gergen provided last night on Anderson Cooper\’s show:

“Anderson, listen, as Rand Paul said last night, controversies in the sense of liberal bias in the mainstream media among Republicans, and especially among conservatives, does stretch all the way back to Goldwater 1964 convention and that whole campaign, and ever since then.  

“That\’s when the media started looking, you know, I knew a lot of business people who were conservatives who were trying to buy one of the three networks so that there could be an alternative, and along came Fox of course, and I think there\’s more balance now than there used to be. But there is a widespread feeling among conservatives still that they don\’t get a fair shake.

“And, you know, to be honest with you, I thought Marco Rubio had a point last night when he said that in the Benghazi hearings that Hillary Clinton emerged with a lot of us praising her performance and I thought, and I was among them. It\’s also true, as Rubio pointed out, we didn\’t talk a lot about the fact there was a clear inconsistency in her story, and Rubio says basically she\’s a liar about what happened and who she told what when, that the story given to the public was conflicted with what she was saying privately. And I think that\’s a legitimate concern on the part of Marco Rubio and the Republicans.

“But, you know, Marco Rubio also didn\’t mention that the reason the media got so interested in whether she could handle these Republicans was it was Republicans who told us that this was a rigged job, that this was a rigged process, the Benghazi hearing, so naturally we looked at it through that lens when it was over.

“This is a complicated story. I think the media gets a generally — the mainstream media, print media — tends to be more liberal. Talk radio tends to be very conservative”.

Trying to wade through that is a little like Charlie Allnut and Rose Sayer slogging their way down the Ulanga River (you get extra points for knowing what that referenced).  But let\’s give it a shot:

-In the first paragraph, Mr. Gergen notes that complaints about liberal media bias go back over a half century.  He is 100% correct.

-The second paragraph, like the first, is 100% correct.  Way to go, David… far.

-The third paragraph is technically correct.  But what an amelioration job Gergen does on the fact that Hillary Clinton absolutely, unequivocally, knowingly lied to our faces about Benghazi.  That isn\’t just “a point” or a “legitimate concern”.  Mainstream media did everything short of kneeling and killing Hillary Clinton\’s ring over her performance, while virtually ignoring the fact that she was shown to be a flat-out liar about Benghazi.  While Mr. Gergen does not say otherwise, he does his level (maybe uneven is the right word) best to downplay it as much as possible.  Why, other than bias, would he do so?

-The fourth paragraph is complete BS: Gergen is telling us that media only got interested in Clinton\’s appearance before the House Oversight Committee because a couple of Republicans “told us that this was a rigged job, that this was a rigged process”. 

Reality check:  a) media were intensely interested in this hearing before any Republican talked about it – as anyone can easily see by spending maybe 20 seconds on a decent search engine, b) none of the Republicans used the term “rigged”, that is an invention of David Gergen\’s, and c) most important of all, since when does Mr. Gergen think media are marching to the tune of of what Republicans tell them?  Does he seriously believe that media\’s only reason to get interested in the former Secretary Of State and current presumptive Democrat presidential nominee testifying before an oversight committee on her competency during a terrorist attack is because Republicans said something about it?  Please.

-The fifth paragraph – Mainstream/print media “tends to be more liberal”?  TENDS to be more liberal?  That is round two of the amelioration whitewash we saw in paragraph three.

David Gergen wins Quote Of The Day honors for giving us a full tour through reality, amelioration and BS….all on the same subject.  

Charlie and Rosie\’s journey might have been a lot wetter, but wasn\’t any more convoluted than Mr. Gergen\’s.  

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