Ken Berwitz

Today\’s quote comes to us from the world\’s richest barroom loudmouth, Donald Trump, who,while on CNN yesterday, told show host Don Lemon that:

“I love the fact that ISIS is being hit by Russia”

The problem?  ISIS is not being hit by Russia.  Russia is hitting rebel troops which the US supports in their fight aganist the mass murderer, bashar al- assad, – who we are on record as wanting to be removed as Syria\’s head of state, but Russia supports.

And when Mr. Lemon advised Trump of this, he informed Lemon and CNN viewers, “I\’m hearing that, and I hear they\’re hitting both, but I\’m hearing that.”  

“I\’m hearing that”?  From who?  No source mentioned.  

But, then again, since when is a source needed for a barroom loudmouth who is busy mouthing off.  

I award Donald Trump for again showing us – as he does just about every day – why I use that term to describe him.

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