Today\’s quote comes to us from one of the many Republican presidential aspirants I would not vote for:  Rand Paul.

Speaking in Chicago before a mostly Black audience, this Senator Paul\’s take on the recent heavily-upward spike in violent crime in Black areas of major cities – especially cities (most recently, Baltimore) in which non-racial incidents have fraudulently been reconstructed as racial events:

“There is crime going on all across America. It is not a racial thing, it is a spiritual problem.  I think government can play a role in public safety, but I don\’t think government can mend a broken spirit. Government can\’t provide you salvation, government can\’t save you. … Ultimately, salvation is something you accept yourselves.”


Let\’s start with a basic reality check.  If the preponderance of crime cited by Mr. Paul is occurring in Black areas, there is a racial component to it.  And all the deflective sweet-talk in the world will not change that.

This is not – repeat, not – an indictment of Black people as a group.  Let\’s not forget that a very large majority of the Black population is law-abiding…and that Black people are almost always the victims of the crimes Rand is referring to.  But that does not change the fact that this is a Black problem at all.

To illustrate, let\’s play a game I often play in here –  my “erase the face” game – and take skin color out of the equation. 

Suppose the preponderance of violent crime were being committed by, say, people wearing red bandanas.  Would anyone seriously claim that there was no more of a crime problem for red bandana wearers than other groups? See the point?  A little common sense goes a long way here.

Now, what about that “it is a spiritual problem” comment? 

What is Rand Paul saying?  That Black communities, under siege from gangs, drug traffic and armed thugs happy to shoot their illegally obtained weapons for just about any reason, can pray their way out of problems? 

Whose “salvation” are you talking about, Mr. Paul?

I award Rand Paul Quote Of The Day honors because he has shown us that – in addition to the fact that he is a less-than-one-term senator, with no executive experience or foreign policy credentials (sound familiar?  Like someone in the White House right now) – he is living in a delusional dream world.

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