Martin O\’Malley is in. 

Mr. O\’Malley announced his candidacy for the Democrat presidential nomination today in his home city of Baltimore, where he twice served as Mayor before becoming the two-time Governor of Maryland.

Mr. O\’Malley is young (certainly compared to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders), dynamic, photogenic…

…and can run to Hillary\’s left without skipping a beat – which, given where today\’s Democrat Party is, will make him one tough customer for her to overcome.

Until now, Ms. Clinton has been Hibernating Hillary; a candidate virtually nonexistent to reporters and their questions, who has taken part in little other than a series of fully scripted events with fawning admirers.

She has been able to do this so far, because her only declared competition, Bernie Sanders – though very smart, very articulate, and with strongly-held views that don\’t bend with the political winds – is a 73 year old Senator from a small state, with little organization and less national name recognition.

But Martin O\’Malley – every bit as smart as Mr. Sanders and with virtually the same set of political views – can\’t be ignored. 

Simply stated, Martin O\’Malley makes Hillary Clinton look look old, tired, and pre-packaged. Exactly what she is.

So now Ms. Clinton has to come out of hibernation and campaign.  Which is a huge problem in its own right, since she is a terrible campaigner, who has to stay entirely on script because she has no talent for extemporizing and can toss out gaffes with the best of them (tell us again, Hillary, about how dead broke you were when leaving the White House).

The race is on.  And buckle your seat belts, because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

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