As you may have heard – and it is no joke at all – a drone actually breached security at the White House yesterday.  It apparently landed on the White House grounds during the night.

Today\’s quote: 

“Inmy life… It wasn\’t safe for him to go to France? He was safer there thanhe is here.”

And the speaker of that quote?  My wife – who, FYI, is a lifelong Democrat and voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

You\’re right, hon (that should keep me safe, at least for one day).

My beautiful bride of 45 years…whom I married when she was 6 (that might buy me another day or two) is awarded Quote Of The Day honors for the quality of her rueful, spontaneous reaction to this story.

Well, at least now we know why they call it the Secret Service.  Because, these days, if they\’re effectively protecting anyone it certainly is a secret.

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