Today\’s quote comes to us from North Korea\’s deranged man-child lunatic kim jung-un – or, more exactly, a spokesperson for him, which is exactly the same thing.

It seems little kimmy, the jung-un who took over when daddy went to that big worker\’s paradise in the sky, was upset when President Obama mentioned his country during the State Of The Union speech, by noting that “We will keep on ratcheting the pressure, but part of what\’s happening is… the Internet over time is going to be penetrating this country…Over time you will see a regime like this collapse”.

His response?

“Therecent wild remarks made by Obama are nothing but a poor grumble of aloser driven into a tight corner in the all-out standoff with the(North).  Wecannot but be shocked to find that Obama… is so preoccupied withthe inveterate repugnancy and hostility toward a sovereign state.”

All-out standoff?  inveterate repugnancy?  Hooboy, them\’s fightin\’ words.

Allow me to post a satellite picture, taken one year ago, of the Korean peninsula and China at night.  Take a good look and tell me if you think the USA is engaged in some standoff – the term suggesting equality between the two countries – with this wonderfully advanced nation:

The Koreas at Night

Let\’s just say that if this was an x-ray of your mouth, and North Korea was where a tooth should be, you\’d need a bridge or an implant…almost as much as kim jung-un needs a new barber.

But, his derangement notwithstanding, I award kim Quote Of The Day honors for shedding some light on what he is thinking…which, apparently, is more light than is shed on his country when the sun goes down.

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