Not only is this the quote of the day, but – and I know it is January 1st – for sheer humor value this may well be the quote of the year.

It comes to us from the New York Times\’s Paul Krugman – an unconditionally leftward columnist, who has certainly amused me in the past.  But this one sets a new standard.

Here is how Mr. Krugman characterized himself in an interview with the equally unconditional leftist, former Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein:

“…asa Times columnist, I can\’t do endorsements, so you have no idea whichparty I favor in general elections”

Words fail me. 

Does Paul Krugman – a man who, if he were with President Obama and Mr. Obama suddenly stopped walking, would risk getting a nose hemmorhoid – actually think we don\’t know which party he favors?

This is roughly equivalent to Joe Girardi telling baseball fans that “as a manager of the New York Yankees, I can\’t do endorsements, so you have no idea which team I\’m rooting for when the Yankees go out on the field”.

I award Paul Krugman Quote Of The Day honors because I did not expect to start the new year with this big a belly laugh, and he gave it to me anyway.

Thank you Paul.  And please let your pal, fellow Times unconditional leftist Nicholas Kristof, that if he said the same he would have stolen this honor from you…but that he can still tie you for it.

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