Today\’s quote comes to us from unregenerate, unconditionally far-left Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), from the 13th (East Bay /Berkeley/Alameda) district, whose political positions guarantee a landslide win every time.

Ms. Lee is outraged that President Obama, or New York Mayor bill de blasio, or especially the “Hands Up Don\’t Shoot”/”I Can\’t Breathe” protesters could possibly be assigned any responsibility for recent attacks on police, including the execution-style murders of NYPD officers Rafael Ramon and Wenjian Liu.

Here is what she has to say about it:

“Assomeone who supports nonviolence and gun safety and gun control andpeaceful resolutions in Congress, I don\’t think there\’s any way anyof us in the protest movement, in the progressive movement, wouldcondone that”

The fact that, for months (not just the week or two preceding the Ramos and Liu murders) protesters have been chanting their desire for deaths to cops?  The fact that social media is overloaded with entries at Twitter, Instagram, etc. with such threats?  The fact that murderer ismaaiyl brinsley specifically told us, via social media, that he was avenging Eric Garner and Michael Brown?  The fact that al sharpton, who has left a decades-long trail of death and destruction in the wake of his verbal firebombing every time race can be invoked?  The fact that these “protesters” twice destroyed the main shopping street of Ferguson, Missouri by rioting, looting and finally burning much of it down?  Irrelevant.

The fact that President Obama and Mayor de blasio did little or nothing to talk the “protesters” down?  Little or nothing to give them anything but a feeling of complete empowerment, as they shut down streets, bridges and tunnels at will?  Just as irrelevant.

See, none of this matters.  Because Ms. Lee knows that no one in the protest movement, the progressive movement, would condone such things. 

Just ignore your eyes and ears, folks.  Then it all goes away.

I award Barbara Lee Quote Of The Day honors, for showing us, again, that mindless, unconditional zealotry is alive and well – with a special honorable mention to the voters in California\’s 13th district, who re-elect this brand of mindless, unconditional zealotry every two years.

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