Walter Williams has just posted an excellent column (no surprise there), in which he describes Black citizenry as being used as a “stalking horse” by White liberals and leftists.  He makes one salient point after another (again, no surprise) and I urge you to use this link and read every word.

For the meanwhile, let me show you its segment on education:

Thelargest and most powerful labor union in the country is the NationalEducation Association, with well over 3 million members. Teachersbenefit enormously from their education monopoly. It yields higherpay and lower accountability. It\’s a different story for a largepercentage of black people who receive fraudulent education. TheNEA\’s white liberals – aided by black teachers, politicians andso-called black leaders – cooperate to ensure that black parentswho want their children to have a better education have few viablechoices.

Wheneverthere has been a serious push for school choice, educationalvouchers, tuition tax credits or even charter schools, the NEA hasfought against it. One of the more callous examples of that disregardfor black education was New York Mayor Bill de Blasio\’s cutback onfunding for charter schools where black youngsters were succeeding ingetting a better education.

Thatwas de Blasio\’s way of paying back New York\’s teachers union forthe political support it gave him in his quest for the mayor\’soffice.

Mayor de blasio is a particularly execrable figure here (but not the worst – we\’ll get to him later).  With a Black wife and two interracial, but visibly Black, children, you would think he would give a damn about ensuring that Black children have the most opportunities to get the highest-quality education available. 

But no, he does not. 

de blasio, instead, kisses the rings of the NEA and does his best to force motivated Black children right into the ghetto public schools which do not educate them…where a Black student who wants to learn and excel runs the daily risk of being attacked, both verbally and physically, for “trying to be White” – as if getting a formal education is some exclusive activity only White people are supposed to engage in.

As bad as bill de blasio is, however, he is not the worst example.  The worst is President Barack Obama – who has done just about everything possible to kill Washington D.C.\’s “Opportunity Scholarship” program, in which thousands of schoolchildren, just about all of them Black, were subsidized for entry into private schools, where their minds could blossom — just like, for example, the school that Mr. Obama\’s daughters go to. 

But Barack Obama would have none of that.  Too much NEA money, too much election day organizing, too many votes at risk to advance those Black kids.  So send \’em back to educational hell.

Here is just one article on President Obama\’s war against educational opportunity for motivated Black students.  The points it makes about Mr. Obamas\’s aversion to Black children getting quality education are very similar to Walter Williams\’ points about the left in general.  

Again, the educational issue is just one of several that Mr. Williams delves into.  It is worth your while to read every word of what he has to say about them all.  I hope you do.

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