Today\’s quote comes to us from Zev Chafets, the American born Israeli official, author and political commentator.

As you may know, Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic has reported that, a senior Obama administration official called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit”. (He also informed us that Netanyahu “has no guts”, and that President Obama think he “has no political courage” – along with plenty more, which you can read about by clicking here.

Mr, Chafets, has an opinion about how he thinks Prime Minister Netanyahu sees President Obama and his administration.  It is as follows:

“Afterthe American misreading of the Arab spring, the infamous Obamared-line in Syria, U.S. abandonment of Iraq, the chaos in Libya andthe American failure to understand, let along contain, Islamicterrorism, this administration is not seen by Jerusalem as a font ofwisdom. Nor is its sniping taken seriously.”

That gets Quote Of The Day honors because, though I don\’t know if those are the specific words Prime Minister Netanyahu would use, I like them so much that I don\’t care.

Congratulations to you, Zev.  Neither you nor Mr. Netanyahu could have said it better.

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