Mary Burke is the Democrat candidate for Governor of Wisconsin – which makes her the holy grail on legs to Wisconsin\’s public sector unions, whose hatred of Republican incumbent Scott Walker makes snakes and mongooses look like they have a mild disagreement by comparison.

Until about a week ago, this was a close race, with polls showing the lead bouncing between Ms. Burke and Mr. Walker…until a couple of days ago, when the Marquette University poll, which had the two in a tie two weeks ago, showed Walker jumping to a 7% lead.

Assuming that poll is accurately showing a sudden, decisive move in Walker\’s favor, maybe this excerpt from M. D. Kittle\’s article at has something to do with it:

Inattempting to explain her two-year workhiatus in the early to mid-1990s, Democratic gubernatorialcandidate MaryBurke has said she was just burned out after an intense period ofleading European operations for TrekBicycle Corp., her family\’s Waterloo-based global manufacturer.

Infact, Burke apparently was fired by her own family following steepoverseas financial losses and plummeting morale amongBurke\’s European sales staff, multiple former Trek executivesand employees told WisconsinReporter.

Thesales team threatened to quit if Burke was not removed from herposition as director of European Operations, according to GaryEllerman, who served as Trek\’s human resources director for 12years. His account was confirmed by three other former employees.

It should be noted that Gary Ellerman is Chairperson of the Jefferson County Republican Party – which, of course, makes his account of things highly suspicious.  On the other hand, as seen in the above excerpt (and elsewhere in the article), Mr. Ellerman\’s account is corroborated by multiple other sources.

Funny; for some strange reason, Ms. Burke, while claiming her two year hiatus after heading European operations was because she was burned out and needed the time, somehow neglected to mention the part about being canned by her own family for the company\’s poor performance under her stewardship.

It is still possible that Scott Walker will lose this election to Mary Burke.  No one knows the final tally until there is a final tally.   But if this revelation is not a “last nail in the coffin” for her candidacy, I will be astonished.

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