Ken Berwitz

The paragraphs of the day come to us from the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.  They are extracted from an excellent explanation of why Donald Trump, whatever else you think of him, has correctly characterized Hillary Clinton as part of the so-called “War on Women”:

Mr. Trump is rude and crude, but in this case he is raisingan issue that rightly bears on the 2016 election campaign and the prospect of athird Clinton term. Mrs. Clinton wants to use her gender both as a politicalsword and shield to win the White House. The purpose is to make malepoliticians less willing to take her on, while reinforcing her main andnot-so-subtle campaign theme that it\’s time to elect the first woman President.

So she and her allies will try to spin any criticism assexist. Even politically correct BernieSanders got this treatment after hesaid during a debate this autumn that “all the shouting in the world” wouldn\’tkeep guns out of the wrong hands. Mrs. Clinton later said that “I haven\’t beenshouting, but sometimes when a woman speaks out, some people think it\’sshouting.” Against Republicans, she\’ll play the “war on women” theme non-stop.

Yet no one in American politics better personifies a waron women than Mrs. Clinton\’s husband. For readers too young to recall the1990s, we aren\’t merely referring to Trumpian gibes about female looks or “MadMen” condescension. Mr. Clinton was a genuine sexual harasser in the classicdefinition of exploiting his power as a workplace superior, and the Clintonentourage worked hard to smear and discredit his many women accusers.

As the full editorial points out – and as I pointed out in a previous blog – electing Hillary Clinton President puts this amoral bird dog into the White House, with nothing to do but continue what he seems to have done all his adult life:  take advantage of powerless women…while Hillary Clinton, whose ambition far exceeds any use of her moral compass, will continue to aid and abet him because if he goes down the drain, she goes too.

I award WSJ\’s editorial board Paragraphs Of The Day honors for bringing this reality home so clearly.

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