Ken Berwitz

Today\’s paragraphs come to us from one of the top-tier columnists this country has produced, Mona Charen (whom I do not quote often enough in this blog….I\’ll try to make up for it in the future).  They are from her November 13th commentary in which she discussed the insanity currently pervading so many of our colleges and universities. The bold print is mine:

The truth is that universities are and always have been ripeenvironments for absolutism. Students — brimming with self-righteousness,unaware of how easily violence can spread, stimulated by the scent of blood inthe water — have provided the shock troops for most totalitarian movements.

During what liberal academics praised as the”idealistic” 1960s, American students (sometimes armed) seizedbuildings, held a dean hostage, looted research files and committed promiscuousvandalism. Nazi students (egged on by professors) “cleansed”Heidelberg and other universities of Jews and others. Russian universitiesbecame incubators for radicals who took their ideas into the streets. Duringthe Cultural Revolution, Mao\’s faithful pupils subjected their teachers to”re-education” and even occasionally cannibalized them.

Students are natural radicals. The job of academics in a freesociety that hopes to remain so is to instill respect for freedom of thoughtand expression. Our problem is that many of the students who were burningprofessors\’ research notes in the 1960s are now on the faculty.

Mona Charen wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for her excellent analysis of why this is happening….and, by implication, why it is almost guaranteed to continue happening in the forseeable future.

My congratulations to you Ms. Charen.  And let me say how deeply I regret that you are so spot-on correct.

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