Ken Berwitz

Today\’s Paragraphs Of The Day winner – by a mile – is columnist Larry Elder.  

I read his description of what happened when he decided to try and find out what “microaggression” means, and laughed out loud several times….albeit through gritted teeth.

Here it is:

On Twitter, I asked a pro-protest Occidental College student to provide a definition of “microaggression.” He refused, instead sending a link to a PhD philosophy thesis on the subject. Repeat, a PhD philosophy thesis. The paper\’s definition:

“The overt nature of racism in the United States has morphed into an insidious, covert manifestation called racial microaggression. … Though not often intentional in nature, these microaggressive behaviors have become pervasive in the lives of people of color. … Extant research reveals the harmful and cumulative effects of racial microaggressions. … Much research has been done on people of color\’s experiences with racial microaggressions; however, few studies have given attention to why some African American college students are able to excel in microaggressive academic environments while others do not.” Oh.

The thesis\’s author conducted a study with 47 undergraduates, but only 35 completed the survey and were included in the data: “As a result of insignificant results, as well as predominantly male participants, secondary analyses were conducted based on demographic variables, which are salient for African American male college students.” Oh.

The paper\’s takeaway: “Results indicated that students\’ backgrounds impact how they handle microaggressive behaviors.” Seriously?!?

Congratulations, Larry.  You win going away.  Now, if only the clowns you are writing about would do the same.  For real….

And to everyone else:  be sure to use the link I\’ve provided and read the “10 Tips to Survive Today\’s College Campus, or:  Everything You Need to Know About College Microaggressions”, which Mr. Elder has at the end of his commentary. They saymore about the reality of #blacklivesmatter racists/haters than some commentators will say in their lifetimes.

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