Today’s paragraphs come to us from writer, thinker and scourge of supposedly tolerant college campuses, Ben Shapiro.

Mr. Shapiro has written about Hillary Clinton’s comments regarding why she lost the 2016 election – which, essentially are that a coalition of losers in life, racists and stepford wives did her in.

Mr. Shapiro’s reaction is as follows:

Here’s the reality: None of this is true. The average Trump voter outearned the average Clinton voter, and 86 percent of Trump voters were employed, about the same percentage as Clinton voters. Tribalism in voting exists on both sides: The intersectional politics of the Democratic Party is inherently race based, and Trump successfully responded to that sort of politics in reactionary fashion. As to the notion that married women didn’t vote for Clinton because of their husbands, 52 percent of married women voted for Trump; 53 percent of married women voted Republican candidate Mitt Romney in 2012, and 51 percent voted for Republican candidate John McCain in 2008. Married women vote differently than single women not because of pressure from their menfolk but because they often have children, value family over career more than single women and are older than single women on average.

But here’s the point: Clinton represents a nasty, vengeful take on populations she has trouble winning over. That nastiness has filtered through the Democratic Party, which is firmly convinced that it’d be better off drilling down into population groups it thinks are interested in tearing down the system along with them than reaching out to populations it has lost. If Democrats continue with that quest, they’ll alienate the very voters who gave Trump victory in 2016.

Ben Shapiro wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for giving Democrats what may well be the best advice they will get this year.

If the party takes Mr. Shapiro’s points to heart, it will maximize its chances to take back the House of Representatives in November.  If, instead, it continues down the Clinton/Pelosi/Schumer path, it will maximize the chances that President Trump will maintain his congressional majorities in both houses for the rest of his current term.

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