Today’s paragraphs come to us from former career military man, then congressperson, Allen B. West.

Mr. West’s latest commentary derides the leftists protesters who seem to know little other than what they are told by their masters…who send them out to march and demand things.

It covers a lot of territory; far more than I can fit into a single blog.  But these paragraphs are among the most thought-provoking:

I just believe we’re asking far too much of the left, the supposedly enlightened elites, to understand monetary policy like quantitative easing and why printing money and artificially manipulating interest rates are damning for an economy. Obama says the unemployment rate is less than 5 percent, everything is great…but what is a workforce participation rate? Obama didn’t raise the debt of the United States, George W. Bush did that…regardless of showing them the national debt was $10.67 trillion when Obama took office and $20 trillion when he departed.

If you listen to the liberal progressive media, they’re harping that Trump backing out of the Trans Pacific Partnership has created a void which China will fill. However, Obama didn’t create a void in the Middle East when he completely withdrew all forces from Iraq. And ISIS didn’t fill any vacuum, vacuums are made by Hoover, yes, I know y’all are ROTFLYAO! But this is what we’re dealing with, like a women’s march about voting rights, as if women can’t vote. Leftists talking about picture ID being racist and code word for taking away voting rights for blacks…who have to present a picture ID to board an aircraft, enter buildings in Washington DC and New York, among other things requiring picture ID.

The bottom line is simple. We’re asking way too much of progressive socialists, they’re not intellectually capable to comprehend or think beyond the word, free, or other simplistic themes. This is why the left wants the system of education that lowers the bar.

Does Mr. West have a point?

Well, I’m not as far along the road he travels.  I think he generalizes far too much and does not give at least some protesters their fair due.

But I also think he says a lot that makes sense and a lot more that we should at least be talking about rather than blindly accepting…which is why he wins today’s Paragraphs Of The Day award.

Well done, sir.

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