This is an actual tweet from former President of Mexico vicente fox:

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And here is his answer:

To vicente Fox:

Your foul-mouthed bravado is not going to prevent a wall from being built, or from a US President finding ways to extract its cost from the country whose policies forced its construction.

If you want to tweet about something, maybe you should be tweeting about WHY Mexicans, by the millions, would rather live illegally in the shadows here, than as citizens with full rights in their own country.

You were the President of Mexico. What did YOU do to improve their plight? What did you FAIL to do that made your country so intolerable for its people that they would flee to the USA?

Why don’t you shut your obnoxious, foul mouth long enough to think about that? ¬†Or is your failure, which contributed so greatly to this situation, too much for you to handle?

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