Today’s paragraphs come to us from David French, who writes for the National Review (and who, for about two seconds, was quixotically floated as a possible presidential nominee to prevent Donald Trump from winning).

Mr. French wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for so clearly laying out what he considers to be the three most damaging problems Hillary Clinton faces with the newly rejuvenated FBI email investigation:

First, these e-mails must be prima facie problematic. There is no way the FBI publicly re-opens this investigation on the eve of a presidential election if the new e-mails contained information about yoga routines or wedding plans. Moreover, the very fact that the FBI is trying to determine whether the e-mails contain classified information indicates that their content is setting off alarm bells in the Bureau. In other words, this is serious.

Second, the e-mails could have an impact on the decision whether to charge Hillary or her aides either under the Espionage Act or for obstructing the initial investigation, perhaps by lying to the FBI. Recall that Comey previously exonerated Clinton under a made-up legal standard, but if there are more e-mails — and if Clinton or her aides worked to conceal their existence from the FBI — then their conduct may even rise to the FBI’s arbitrary, higher threshold of lawlessness. At the very least, it renders the FBI’s previous decision not to prosecute even more suspect.

Third, unless the FBI announces the investigation and clears her within the span of basically one work week (an action that would be deeply problematic on its own terms), Hillary’s closing argument to the American people is going to be that Donald Trump is so dangerous that it’s worth gambling your vote on a woman under current criminal investigation.

To summarize, the fact that this investigation has been summarily resurrected almost certainly indicates the emails being uncovered are extremely problematic…which leads to the very real possibility they are so problematic that criminal indictments – which should have been filed the first time around (as they would have if it were you or me) – are imminently on the horizon.

As for the speed of wrapping this thing up, there’s about as much chance of that happening in the next week as there is of Benjamin Netanyahu resigning as Israel’s Prime Minister to become the PR guy for hezbollah.

As Mr. French makes so clear, this may not be just an extension of the investigation.  If it results in the kind of indictments he suggests, this may be the beginning of the end of Hillary Clinton’s sordid public life.

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