As pointed out by Alex Pfeiffer, at, the leftward media are scared enough of the new email probe to immediately suggest that James Comey – the same James Comey who contorted the law to protect Hillary Clinton just months ago – is trying to toss it to Donald Trump.

Here is a sampling of tweets Mr. Pfeiffer bases this on:

Dropping a letter full of portent but lacking any information 10 days before the election seems like a wild abuse of power, but ymmv.*


Sam Stein


FBI statement almost irresponsible in its brevity.


If we don’t hear more from Comey, we just have to conclude that he was trying to swing election. And *that* should be the story.

And that’s just three.  There are more.

Here’s a possibility these gentlemen may not have considered:  what if Comey has been advised that the next few rounds of Wikileaks is going to contain emails that are found on Ms. Abedin/Mr. Weiner’s electronic devices, and will identify them as such.  What if they contain incriminating information?  And what if Mr. Comey is then put in front of a house committee to explain why, since he was investigating Weiner and therefore HAD these emails, he WITHHELD them until the election was over?  Then it is his backside in a sling, not Hillary Clinton’s.

Think about that, guys.


*In case you were wondering, “ymmv” is an acronym for “your mileage may vary”, and is used as an idiom to mean you may have a different take on this than I do.

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