Today’s paragraph comes to us from Gil Troy, a history professor at McGill University, writing for what’s left of Time Magazine.

Mr. Troy has written a piece that – inaccurately, I think – equates the so-called “alt.right” with what he calls the “alt.left” – a term most mainstream media seem averse to using.

But, on a more accurate note, here is how he sees “alt.left” people:

The “alt-left” designation helps explain the Democrats’ emerging civil war, with extremists assailing centrist liberals, and turning the word “neoliberal” into one of their overused epithets. It exposes the postmodern fanatics: bullies who violate liberal principles by shutting up speakers they dislike; brats who riot in Berkeley, Portland, Oakland and elsewhere when they don’t get their way; hypocrites who denounce their opponents’ unreason and violence yet can’t see their own; and brutes who whip each other into vulgar frenzies on the Internet. The “alt-left” is populated by ideologues who reject the American value of compromise. They see a world of conspiracy theories, imagined enemies and exaggerated slights. Ironically, they echo their far right rivals by demonizing Wall Street, the Big Banks, the Mainstream Media — and, frequently, Jews or Zionists. Both far right and far left radicals represent a politics of backlash and lashing out, not consensus-building or reaching out.

I have a problem with Mr. Troy’s “alt-left”/”alt-right” equivalency.  Do you see masked far-rightists starting riots?  Preventing liberal/conservative speakers from speaking at colleges and universities around the country?  Do you see any equivalence in the media coverage the two extreme sides receive?  I know I don’t.  Nor do I see any “civil war” with moderate Democrats:  where have  moderate Democrats -what few of them there are these days – attacked the antifa thugs?  It’s not a war when only one side is fighting.

But Mr. Troy’s description of the people he calls “alt.left” is right on target.

That, and the novelty of seeing someone in a mainstream media venue calling them out this way – finally, after all this time –  is why Gil Troy wins Paragraph Of The Day honors.

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  • Who will be hiring Mr. Troy?
    You just know he is going to be losing his current job.
    I applaud his bravery for speaking out even though it will probably cost him everything.
    He shows the bravery this country was founded on.
    Bravo Mr. Troy, Bravo.

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