The unworkable monstrosity known as ObamaCare continues to wreak damage on people who need health insurance – which is to say people, period.

From Meredith Cohn’s article in today’s Baltimore Sun:

The cost of premiums for plans sold on the state’s health exchange will soar for 2018, adding to questions about the stability and affordability of the health insurance program known as Obamacare.

State regulators announced Tuesday that they have approved average rate increases of just over 23 percent to nearly 50 percent, depending on the plan and carrier, increases that surely will burden consumers who get no government subsidies but also potentially still leave insurers in the red.

“Rates for individual plans have gone up well over 100 percent in 4 years,” said Chet Burrell, president and CEO of the state’s dominant insurer, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. “It’s the worst of all worlds now with very high premiums and at the same time carrier losses continue.”

Insurance premiums doubled in four years.  Insurance carriers dropping out because, even with the higher premiums, they are losing huge amounts of money ($447 million over the four year period in Maryland alone).  High deductibles, which mean that, for many procedures, people who are “insured” might as well not be.  And no turnaround in sight.

Damn that Trum……oh, wait.  Isn’t he the guy demanding that ObamaCare be repealed and replaced?  And isn’t his party the one that uniformly voted against it in the first place?

So tell me; when do the same “news” venues which sang ObamaCare’s praises, and largely looked the other way as Obama lie after Obama lie (about keeping your doctor, keeping your insurance plan, saving money to name three) was exposed, finally acknowledge that this is an utter disaster – one entirely of Democrats’ making?

Apparently that day has not come yet.  Don’t expect it to come any time soon either.

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  • I looked around the internet and from what I have read we were better off before obamacare.
    Why do we continue to put our trust in government programs?
    How many times do we have to see that the government is terrible at running things before we say enough is enough?
    The federal government was never supposed to be doing these things in the first place.
    The founders of this country wouldn’t even recognize it today.
    How can we get back to what this country was supposed to be? Which was limited federal governance.
    Please consider how important it is to get the federal government out of running all these programs that they were never intended to run. And don’t just mean healthcare.
    Vote smart, Vote for what America was supposed to be, not what it is today.

    Stepping down off soapbox.

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