This will be a very easy blog to write.  Because I\’m not writing it…because I can\’t improve on Jeff Jacoby\’s latest column, where he said this:

Whatwill it take to stiffen Barack Obama\’s spine?

AsVladimir Putin engineered a Russian conquest of Ukraine\’s Crimeanpeninsula this month, the Obama administration met his belligerencewith little more than scowls and tsk-tsks. The president andsecretary of state repeatedly objected that Russia\’s power play wasout of place in the modern world. “It\’s really 19th-centurybehavior in the 21st century,” complainedJohn Kerry, as if rapacious land grabs went out with clipperships and corsets. The White House stuckto that line on Sunday, after Crimea\’s rigged election to secedefrom Ukraine: “In this century, we are long past the days whenthe international community will stand quietly by while one countryforcibly seizes the territory of another.”

Butby now Putin knows better than to take anything this administrationsays seriously. Sure enough, the monetary sanctions Obama orderedMonday were so ludicrously minimal – they targeted only 11individuals, bypassing Putin and his top financial backers – thatKremlin insiders laughed. Russia\’s deputy prime minister tweetedthat “some prankster” must have prepared Obama\’s sanctionslist. The Russian stock and currency markets, the Washington Postnoted, “bothspiked upward in celebration.” If the White House imaginedthat this was the way to get Putin to back down, clearly itmiscalculated. Withinhours of Obama\’s sanctions announcement, Russia formallyrecognized Crimea\’s independence from Ukraine. Yesterday, Putinsigned a treaty annexing Crimea.

Thisis no time to go wobbly, but when it comes to foreign policy, wobblyis what Team Obama does best. (See under: Red lines, Syrian; Polandand Czech Republic, missile-defense agreements; Iran sanctions,weakened; US military, slashed.)


This is who – and what – we elected.  Not once, but twice.  A weak, feckless, incompetent, clueless joke, who is laughed at by our enemies because they – correctly – assume he is a paper tiger, and disdained by our friends because they have no confidence that he is a leader who would stand up to the Putins of the world – or even a leader at all.

We elected a Chicago machine politician, with no qualifications for the presidency, who is in 100 miles over his head.  Now we, and the rest of the world that the USA used to lead, are paying the price.

January 20, 2017 cannot come soon enough.

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