My congratulations to the New York Times.

Just about every edition has multiple negative stories about President Donald Trump.  But, today, it has truly outdone itself.  We have:

-A front page story titled “Russians Talked Of Ways To Sway Trump Advisers”.  The three sources for this story?  All unnamed.  And absolutely no evidence that anything illegal took place.  In other words, the same “we have nothing but, by God, we’re going to keep this thing going anyway” material we have seen for months;

-A front page story assuring us that millions would lack health care and premiums would soar if  TrumpCare replaced ObamaCare…which, itself, is in the process of imploding and has soaring costs.

-A lead editorial accusing Donald Trump of “An Aversion to Ethical Scrutiny “, the first sentence is: “It takes a serious commitment to incompetence and deception to spawn as many ethical and legal concerns as the Trump administration has in just four months.”

-A second editorial attacking Mr. Trump for not doing more about Yemen’s current situation while he was in Saudi Arabia.

-An op-ed essay by Republican-turned-Obama-supporter Colin Powell attacking Trump’s diplomacy efforts and proposed cuts to foreign assistance.

-An op-ed essay by Gail Collins attacking Trump for running the country “like a bad Atlantic City casino”.

-An op-ed essay by Nicholas Kristof attacking Trump and other Republicans for hypocrisy on classified information.

-An op-ed essay by Abbe Gluck attacking Republicans for sabotaging ObamaCare.

-And, as icing on the cake, a grouping of letters to the editor, all attacking Trump’s budget proposal.

Count them up.  That is 9 attack pieces, covering supposedly straight news, opinion and letters to the editor, every one of them attacking President Trump.

And the counterpoint to this tidal wave of attacks and negativity?

Sorry, there isn’t any.  Not one pro Trump, or even somewhat neutral, article, editorial or op-ed essay.

That, folks, is the New York Times at its, er, finest.

No wonder its people get so upset when they are accused of not being neutral.


  • That explains why Times readers freaked out when, they had one article that asked questions about “man made global climate change” [that’s a mouth full].

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