The New Republic\’s latest edition has a hit piece on Chris Christie. 

But, I suspect far fewer people will read the piece itself than will look at, and react to, its accompanying photoshopped picture:

Credit: Photo Illustration by Jacqueline Mellow/The New Republic

Get it? That\’s Tony Soprano, played by the late James Gandolfini, with Chris Christie\’s head photoshopped where James Gandolfini\’s used to be – complete with the gold chain, of course.

What a riot.  I\’ll just bet that Governor Christie, who is half Sicilian, is laughing and laughing…

…about as much as Barack Obama would be laughing if his head were superimposed on a still image from “The Butler”.

Amazing, isn\’t it, how a publication which would need about a tenth of a second to find racism in the Obama example, apparently doesn\’t realize – or doesn\’t care – that it has done the exact same thing with Chris Christie.

And these so-called “journalists” wonder why people call them biased?  Wow.

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