How should we feel about a nazi sympathizer affecting elections around the country?

And when I say nazi sympathizer, I don’t mean one or two errant comments that might have been in unintentionally or intentionally misunderstood, I mean someone who actually worked with a real nazis to steal from Jews.

Someone, who as a 14 year old in World War II Hungary (where 14 year olds were anything but innocent and many were already fighting for both sides),  happily pretended he was Christian and traveled with a nazi, assisting him in confiscating Jewish property.

(In case you doubt my characterization about what he did and how unfazed he was by it, click here for a 60 Minutes interview of 20 years ago, and skip to :6:50 – you’ll see/hear it for yourself).

So who is this pig?

His name is george soros.  And he is one of the biggest contributors to the Democrat Party that there is.

So the next time someone “informs” you of the utterly moronic claim that Donald Trump – a decades-long supporter of Israel who has always worked with Jews and never been accused of any such thing until he ran for President – should be despised because he is a nazi sympathizer….

….show them the video referenced above, tell them Soros has given over $100,000,000 to Democrats over the years – over $21,000,000 last year alone (here’s your proof)….and then ask them whether they despise Democrats who accepted his money – like Hillary Clinton, for example.  See what they say.

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